Sustainable Construction Solutions


Below are some of the key services we can offer. For examples of what we have done for others, see Projects.

Sustainability Strategy
We can work with you to develop your overarching sustainability strategy, either for the whole of your organisation or for individual projects, or we can help you with just the bits you need. Its your choice.

Circular Economy Strategy
We can help you set your circular economy strategy, and work with you to develop your products or services to ensure they fit the requirements of a future circular economy. We can advise on the procurement of circular economy products and services, and help embed these requirements into your business. We can also assess the circularity of a building design using Sheffield University’s purpose built Regenerate Tool>.

Responsible Sourcing
We can advise on setting a responsible sourcing strategy, and help you embed the practical procedures you need to make your strategy work. This will include embedding procurement clauses, specifying standards (e.g. BES6001, FSC, PEFC, GiB, C2C), pitfalls to look out for, and how to monitor what you buy.

Timber Chain of Custody Audits
We can carry out an audit of a project for clients and architects to confirm that the timber chain of custody requirements are being met by the contractor.

Resource Efficiency
We can help you develop resource management planning, for the whole organisation or for a particular project, including facilitating resource efficiency and designing out waste workshops.

Pre-Demolition and Pre-Refurbishment Audits
We can carry out Pre-Redevelopment Audits to identify and quantify the key materials present within the proposed scope of the redevelopment, and propose potential applications for reuse and recycling, to satisfy the requirements of BREEAM and/or Ska building rating systems.

Management Systems
We can help develop and implement management systems to monitor your progress and achieve the continual improvement required by certifications such as ISO14001. We can also advise on implementing waste, energy, water and timber online monitoring systems (e.g. SMARTWaste), and the standards these need to meet.

Virtual Sustainability Manager
We can provide you with the services of a qualified sustainability manager to help you fulfil your sustainability obligations as a contractor, all for one monthly fee. We will discuss and agree the level of service you require which could include regular site visits to check on legal compliance, point of contact for advice. We can also offer short term placements to cover sickness or maternity leave.

Chain of Custody Systems
We can help develop and implement management systems to cover FSC, PEFC, and Grown in Britain chain of custody certification. For more information see our Grown in Britain Certification page.

BREEAM and Ska
We can advise on meeting BREEAM credits and Ska good practice measures associated with the above.

We can run training sessions/workshops to discuss and develop ideas on any of the above (e.g. Moving to a Circular Economy Business Model, Designing Out Waste, and Resource Efficiency workshops).

We can help you research any of the above areas of sustainable construction, whether this is in house or via external funding partnerships.

We can advise on all aspects of legal compliance, particularly with regard to issues associated with the European Waste Framework Directive.

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