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What does the construction industry want from its timber suppliers?

December 2017

Charlie Law reviews feedback from sustainability professionals within the construction industry summarising what is being achieved and what more can be done to meet the standards required. Read more>

By Charlie Law

Grown in Britain Woodstock Timber

Have we fallen out of love with UK hardwoods?

December 2016

With less than 10% of the hardwood used in the UK being home-grown, have we fallen out of love with UK hardwoods? Read more>

By Charlie Law

2015 Timber Source Chart (no labels)

Where does your timber come from?

May 2016

The UK consumes almost 16 million m3 of timber and panel products each year, but where are these sourced from? Read more>

By Charlie Law


Is it a Pre-Demolition or Pre-Redevelopment Audit?

November 2015

Is ‘Pre-Demolition Audit’ the right term, or does this imply that the decision has already been made to demolish? Read more>

By Charlie Law

Salvaged bricks ARK Acton

Do we already have circular materials?

September 2015

The perception is that circular products are not readily available; however there are already a number of solutions out there. Read more>

By Charlie Law

Grown in Britain Douglas Fir

Where does timber fit in a Circular Economy?

June 2015

Timber is the ultimate renewable resource, but is it a biological or a technical nutrient, or both? Read more>

By Charlie Law

SPHS Resalable bricks - Small

New Business Models for a Circular Economy

May 2015

How do we ensure products can be recovered at the end of their life for reuse, refurbishment, remanufacture or recycling? Read more>

By Charlie Law

Grown in Britain Ambassador

Keeping Wood Local: The Grown in Britain Licensing Scheme

April 2015

We are probably all aware of the FSC tick logo, which has been around for over 20 years now, and many will also be aware of PEFC, …. but they do not always tell you where your timber came from….. Read more>

By Charlie Law

Prefab Brick Panels

How do we design out waste in a circular economy?

March 2015

Construction waste is often assumed to be the result of the building contractor’s inefficiencies, but much of the waste that is produced is actually as a result of the design….. Read more>

By Charlie Law