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Supply Chain Sustainability School Training Provision

Client: Supply Chain Sustainability School

Role: Training Development and Delivery

Project Manager: Charlie Law

In September 2017, the Supply Chain Sustainability School approached Sustainable Construction Solutions to discuss the training solutions they could provide the school, linked to their existing programme of e-learning and face-to-face workshops.

A detailed proposal was provided, listing the training support Sustainable Construction Solutions could offer, some in partnership with associate organisation, including:

  • ISO14001 Management Systems
  • Circular Economy in Construction
  • Resource Efficiency and Waste Management
  • Responsible Materials Sourcing
  • Climate Change and Carbon
  • ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard
  • Delivering Energy and Carbon Efficient Buildings

Sustainable Construction Solutions were subsequently commissioned to provide support and advice on the development of a number of e-learning training packages including Responsible Materials Sourcing and BES 6001, Introduction to the Circular Economy, and Lifecycle Assessment.

This led to the development of a number of half day workshops which Sustainable Construction Solutions and their associate partners continue to deliver, including:

  • Constructing the Circular Economy
  • Responsible Timber Sourcing
  • Resource Efficiency and Waste Management
  • ISO14001 Management Systems

Sustainable Construction Solutions continue to advise on the training provision available to the School through their growing network of associates, to enable them to offer the construction supply chain the most up-to-date information on current sustainability best practice.