Sustainable Construction Solutions

Protec Circular Economy Solutions

Client: Protec International Ltd

Role: Circular Economy Solutions Development

Project Manager: Charlie Law

In June 2018, Protec International (Protec) commissioned Sustainable Construction Solutions to deliver a Circular Economy workshop to their senior management team. This workshop is focussed on implementing the Circular Economy into the construction industry practical information on:

  • Why we need to change our current resource consumption model
  • Introduction to the principles of a circular economy
  • Product lifecycles and risk areas
  • Lifecycle optimisation, including designing for optimum service life, resource efficiency, maintenance, flexibility, deconstruction and disassembly
  • Material and resource sourcing
  • Deciding on a business model(s), including logistics considerations

This subsequently led to Sustainable Construction Solutions being commissioned to produce a Circular Economy Support proposal which included a number of possible circular economy solutions.

Protec had already taken steps to include more recovered material into their main protection product, Proplex twin wall sheet, and were in the process of procuring new plant to enable a ramping up of their recycling capacity. The key area of concern for Protec was obtaining enough recovered material from construction sites to make a significant impact on recycled content.

Sustainable Construction Solutions developed a proposal where Protec could partner with local waste management companies who would recover the Proplex product from construction sites through their current waste provision, either by providing dedicated protection material bins and skips or by recovering the product at their reprocessing sites, and packaging this into bales for transporting back to the Protec recycling plant.

This process has now been rolled out by Protec, with a number of contractors taking up the service to enable their products to be recycled back into Proplex protection materials which can be used on future sites.

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