Sustainable Construction Solutions

Lendlease Responsible Sourcing Strategy

Client: Lendlease Europe

Role: Responsible Sourcing Strategy and Training

Project Manager: Charlie Law

In April 2016, Lendlease Europe commissioned Sustainable Construction Solutions to carry out a review of their Environmental Management System. As part of this wide ranging review, the Lendlease procedures around responsible sourcing were updated including changes to their banned (Black List) and referable (Grey List) materials, as well as updating their preferred (Green List) of materials.

The Green List includes a requirement to source all timber from credible certified sources, currently only Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) timber is accepted, and a preference for the following:

  • Locally source materials (e.g. Grown in Britain timber)
  • Certified responsibly sourced materials (e.g. BES 6001, Eco Reinforcement, CARES, BS 8902)
  • Reused and recycled materials
  • Prefabricated components
  • Low embodied carbon materials

The procedures included practical information on how to comply with the above requirements and what to look for when procuring materials. In addition Sustainable Construction Solutions updated the guidance given to construction sites and the supply chain on complying with the above procedures, including:

  • Resource management planning
  • Timber delivery note checklists
  • Recycled ‘Quality Protocol’ aggregate compliance checklists

Sustainable Construction Solutions also updated the Lendlease timber procurement training which is delivered to their staff to include the above requirements.