Sustainable Construction Solutions

HS2 Beneficial Reuse of Timber

Client: HS2 Ltd

Role: Production of Contractor Guidance

Project Manager: Charlie Law

In June 2016, HS2 Ltd commissioned Sustainable Construction Solutions to produce a guidance document that would assist HS2 Ltd and their Contractors in finding the most beneficial use for each tree to be cleared along the proposed route of HS2. The work consisted of two deliverables:

  • Research Report
  • Guidance Document

Sustainable Construction Solutions partnered with specialist forestry company Envoke to carry out the research and produce the guidance.

The research report detailed the many various aspects to be taken into consideration when felling trees, including, but not limited to:

  • Ecological considerations prior to, during and after felling, extraction and other operations
  • National Vegetation Classification (NVC) of the affected woodlands
  • UK Forestry Act requirements, such as felling licences
  • Identification of key timber species and viable uses
  • Protocols for measuring trees and timber, and current practice for the sale
  • Health and safety considerations for the felling and extraction of logs

The guidance document took the research information and presented this in a form that could be easily understood and used by non-forestry contractor personnel, including:

  • Determining end use, including local community and national commercial uses
  • Preparations required prior to and during felling
  • Processing of the timber

The project was completed on time and to budget in July 2016.