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BAM Responsible Sourcing Strategy

Client: BAM Construct UK Ltd

Role: Responsible Sourcing

Project Manager: Charlie Law

In September 2003 BAM required a responsible sourcing policy to cover the materials it purchased. The key focus needed to be on timber, as certain NGOs were targeting major contractors. Charlie developed a policy statement for timber and paper, aggregates, and other high CO2 content materials such as concrete and steel.

It required all timber to be purchased with full FSC or PEFC chain of custody, with BAM being one of the first major contractors to insist on this. For other materials it was a preference statement, with the policy being developed further following the introduction of the BES6001 standard.

The policy statements were followed by a programme of training for site staff and suppliers explaining BAM’s requirements. Over 94% of BAM’s timber is now delivered with full chain of custody, with the remaining percentage being from verified sustainable sources.

His work on timber led to Charlie being asked to be a member of the TRADA Advisory Committee, as well as chair of the Grown in Britain Construction Group and a member of the Grown in Britain Executive.