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BAM Resource Efficiency Strategy

Client: BAM Construct UK Ltd

Role: Resource Efficiency

Project Manager: Charlie Law

As part of its ISO14001 Environmental Management System, BAM required a strategy to reduce waste production on its construction sites.

The system Charlie developed initially focused on reducing waste production on site, and the management of the waste that was produced more effectively, allowing different materials to be segregated for recycling.

However this evolved over the years into a system for resource management planning, looking at each project to see where efficiencies could be made, and designing out waste from the process through the use of Designing Out Waste or Resource Efficiency workshops.

This approach led to BAM reducing their waste production by 40% between 2006 and 2014, helping them realise a saving of over £10million in waste disposal costs alone.

Charlie’s work in this area led to him being appointed as Chair of the UK Contractors Group (UKCG) Waste Working Group, and Vice-Chair of the Green Construction Board (GCB) Waste Task Group. He was also an advisor on the GCB Resource Efficiency Commitment working group.