Sustainable Construction Solutions

BAM ISO 14001 Management System

Client: BAM Construct UK Ltd

Role: Management Systems

Project Manager: Charlie Law

In 2003, BAM Construct UK required an Environmental Management System (EMS) that would meet the requirements of ISO14001. The system needed to be flexible to allow all parts of the business to be certified under one certificate: BAM Construct UK Ltd, BAM Construction Ltd, BAM Properties Ltd, BAM Design Ltd, BAM FM Ltd, BAM Plant Ltd.

The EMS Charlie developed allowed each business to operate independently with their own set of operating procedures, setting their own relevant targets against a shared set of organisation objectives. The system also required minimal updates at the management system level. For example the legislation register was developed to cover all business units, and the format was subsequently adopted by the CiP as the basis for their Environmental Manual.

The system was successfully rolled out in 2004, and has maintained its ISO 14001 certification since July 2005. For more information see